The Robin Lane Web Site

After existing for almost 18 years, the official Robin Lane Web Site is now closed.

Information about Robin Lane may now be found at, Robin's non-profit organization offering songwriting and recording workshops for trauma survivors.

The history of this web site and the mailing list
The Robin Lane Web Site was first created and put up on the World Wide Web in 1994. It was relatively primitive, with white backgrounds, no tables or frames, and little in the way of formatting. The scans were not top quality and were in GIF format as opposed to the better JPEG format. But it was one of the earliest web sites for a musical artist, and it did include scans of all Robin's album covers (front and back), track listings and a biography. Over the years it was redesigned several times, adding content and a custom-designed message board. It closed in 2012.

The Robin Lane Mailing List was started in 1990 (the first message was sent out February 8, 1990) in response to numerous questions about Robin & The Chartbusters that were raised on various Usenet newsgroups. It continued for more than 21 years, informing people of news relating to Robin Lane, including upcoming performances. The last message was sent May 23, 2011.

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